If you have experienced crime, you may feel a range of strong emotions.
Please remember you are not alone in this and we are here to support you.

What to do after you experience crime

  • Your safety is key. It’s important that you are safe. Seek support from safe and trusted people.
  • Reach out to people around you that you can ask for support. You might find it hard to ask, but with the help of others you’ll begin to feel better quicker than dealing with it on your own. This could be a friendly listening ear, someone that can simply sit with you, or just knowing that someone is there for you.
  • You may feel a range of emotions including, anger, worry, stress, sadness, frustration or despair.
    These feelings may be quite strong for a couple of days. It is important that you acknowledge what you are feeling is normal given what you have experienced
    If you become concerned about your thoughts and feelings, Victims of Crime NT are here to help you and your family.
  • Nice deep and slow breathing can be helpful. Follow this step-by-step box beathing/four-square breathing technique to help manage your feelings.
  • Support networks for you could be family, friends, or professional services.

24 hour/weekend support services:

NT Mental Health line

  • 1800 682 288
  • nt.gov.au/wellbeing/mental-health

TeamTalk NT

  • 1300 780 081
  • teamhealth.asn.au/services/teamtalk


  • 13 92 76
  • 13yarn.org.au


  • 13 11 14
  • lifeline.org.au

Beyond Blue

  • 1300 224 636
  • beyondblue.org.au


  • 1800 737 732
  • 1800respect.org.au


  • 1300 78 99 78
  • mensline.org.au