As part of VoCNT’s Restore, Recover, Protect Program, we enjoy working with remote communities to develop projects that increase personal and community safety.

VOCNT believe that communities can identify and implement culturally appropriate strategies to address the issues that are affecting their particular community.

Where possible, remote community projects aim to support and empower local service delivery through working with existing programs such as CDP.

One of the key concerns in many remote communities is domestic and other physical violence. While there are many agencies, both government and non-government, working to address this issue, VoCNT contributes by liaising with remote community residents and partnering with local service providers to identify prevention activities that may assist their community.

Some examples of remote community projects completed and in progress include:

  • Codes 4 Life violence prevention programs in partnership with Desert Knowledge Australia;
  • Installation of street lighting to improve safety around dark spaces;
  • Youth developed music videos that promote responsibility for community safety; and
  • Providing personal safety alarms to safe houses.

We have worked successfully with many NT remote communities in the past, and would like to hear from YOUR COMMUNITY if we can be of help in developing a community safety project.

Check out these amazing YouTube videos where MusoMagic have teamed up with a number of communities in creating songs with powerful and positive messaging.