We understand experiencing crime can have a severe impact on your mental health. We provide information, referral, crisis support and counselling.

VoCNT understands the impacts of crime are very personal and can be triggered by many things including court dates, social media, or random memories.  You are not alone, we’re here help. You can contact VoCNT to access any element of our specialist services. 

Our Victim Support team will assist victims of any crime committed anywhere in the Northern Territory if they need emotional support or case management coordination.  We follow our research informed Service Delivery Framework and Therapeutic Practice Models to provide personalised support to victims working toward emotional stabilisation, recovery and post traumatic growth.

Your safety is key. It’s important that you are safe. Seek support from safe and trusted people.

Reach out to people that can support you. You might find it hard to ask for help at first, but with the support of others you’ll begin to recover quicker than dealing with it on your own.

This could be a friendly listening ear, someone that can simply sit with you, or just knowing that someone is there for you.

You may feel a range of emotions including, anger, worry, stress, sadness, frustration or despair.

These feelings may be quite strong for a couple of days. It is important that you acknowledge what you are feeling is normal given what you have experienced.

If you become concerned about your thoughts and feelings, Victims of Crime NT are here to help you and your family

Would you like to be contacted by one of our specialist team members at Victims of Crime NT?

This will generally occur on the next business day after your request.

Also be sure to check out our resources page to learn more information about emotional recovery