We can help you understand your rights and responsibilities within the Criminal Justice System and support you through it.

Understanding the justice system

The criminal justice system is complex. This includes the police investigation, making statements to the police as a victim, court proceedings (including being a witness), the outcome of the court hearings and appeals. VoCNT can help you understand all of this and more if you have been a victim of crime in the NT.

The Northern Territory Government has a firm commitment to supporting victims of crime. This commitment obligates all organisations that come into contact with victims of crime throughout the Northern Territory to follow the key principles as outlined in the Northern Territory Charter of Victims’ Rights. Victims of Crime NT is committed to meeting our obligation under the Charter and advocates for the needs and rights of victims as they participate in the Criminal Justice System.


NT Charter of Victims’ Rights 

Court support

If you need some assistance to prepare for and/or attend court, we are available.

We can provide support for those feeling overwhelmed or traumatised by the court process by answering any questions they may have, explaining the terminology the judges or lawyers are using or simply sitting with the victim and providing emotional support so that they don’t have to face court alone.

Also be sure to check out our resources page to learn more information about you and the justice system.