Youth Justice Conferencing

Youth Justice or Victim Offender Conferencing is based upon restorative justice principles. It focuses on repairing the harm caused to a victim and requires offenders to take responsibility for their actions. The conferencing process gives those impacted by crime the opportunity to participate in the justice process and for their voices to be heard. Most victims we support to attend conferences tell us it was a positive experience, one that assists in recovery, healing and closure. They are also satisfied that the young person has an outcome plan to transform their lives for the better.

There are two different types of conferences, and these can occur as part of youth diversion or be court ordered. If you have the opportunity to participate in any of these, Victims of Crime NT can help.

Attendance to a conference is totally up to you. If you don’t want to attend personally, you can send along a representative or we can present your thoughts and views on your behalf.


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