Vehicle Security

Lock Up

  • Ensure you lock your vehicle doors and windows and avoid leaving your keys in or on your vehicle
  • If you have a toolbox or tray on your vehicle, keep it secured with a lock
  • If you don’t have a garage, park off the street in the driveway
  • Secure your car keys and never leave them or your garage/gate remote in your car – don’t put your name and address on any keys – use a phone number
  • Keep spare keys in a secure place at home or at work and not in plain sight

Take Valuables with You
Do not leave valuables in your car – wallet, handbag, phone, tablet, driver’s licence, registration papers or other identification documents – even if it is locked

Park for Prevention

  • Park in a well-lit area to increase the risk that others will detect thieves
  • Park with your boot to a wall or next to other vehicles
  • When parking on the road turn wheels into the gutter
  • When parking in carparks turn wheels towards car parked next to your vehicle

Additional Security

  • Install an engine immobiliser and car alarm if they are not already fitted
  • Consider using a steering wheel lock – particularly for older vehicles
  • Consider installing a bonnet lock
  • Install a GPS tracking device for rare and expensive cars, wheel locking nuts and sticker saying vehicle is alarmed and there are no valuables in the car