Safe Business

Business Resecure program

In partnership with the Northern Territory Government Department of Business and Innovation we provide a service to help small businesses resecure their business premises after a breakin. 

If your  small business has been broken into you are entitled to a grant of $750 to help you resecure your premises.  If you have a subsequent breakin you are entitled to another $500.  This grant is administered by us with funding from the Department of Business and Innovation and is available to any business with less than 100 associated people which has experienced a break in since July 1,  2018. 

You can either resecure and pay and then present your receipts to us for a refund of up to $750 or you can call us on 1800 670 242 and we will have one of our pre approved contractors resecure you premises.

Biz Secure Audits

We are also acredited BizSecure NT auditors should you wish to use our services to make the most of that program