Resecure your Home

We are sorry to hear you have experienced an unlawful entry.

After you have reported the incident to the Police, you can contact us during business hours:

Free call number – 1800 672 242

Darwin – 8941 0995

Alice Springs – 8952 4466

If it is outside business hours, you may submit a reimbursement or enquiry below and we will be in touch the following business day.


Rental Property

If your home is a rental property and it has been broken into, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to resecure the property. Please contact the homeowner or real estate to arrange any required repairs.


Our Resecure Program

We have a resecure program where we can provide up to $400.00 including GST towards repairs for owner occupied properties that have experienced an unlawful entry within the last seven days. This funding is most commonly used to repair windows, doors and locks. It can only be used to resecure the property, cosmetic and non-security items such as fly screens are not covered.

The funding cannot be applied to insurance excess.

If you experience a home break-in and vehicle damage in the same incident, you are eligible to claim one reimbursement.

You CAN NOT claim BOTH a Home Resecure and Vehicle Damage Reimbursement for the same incident. 

If you have already, or would like to, arrange the repairs yourself, ensure you retain a copy of your tax invoice and a receipt from an ABN registered repairer. Victims of Crime NT will reimburse you according to the above requirements.

Please note, this is a crisis response program and reimbursement claims must be made within fourteen days of the incident.

Alternatively, Victims of Crime NT can organise a referral to an ABN registered business that can invoice us directly for up to the eligible amount.


Apply for Home Resecure Reimbursement

Home resecure enquiry form