Resecure your Home

Experiencing an unlawful entry can be very unsettling and disruptive for individuals or families. Every situation is different and can present a range of challenges for you to work through. Emotional distress, fear, victim’s rights, legal questions, restitution if the offenders are caught and improving your home security are all concerns. VoCNT can provide practical and emotional support if you need it.

Knowing the steps to take after a break-in can make it easier to manage.

The first thing to do is call the Police on 131 444. Ring 000 if it is an emergency (you have been assaulted or you think the offender may still be on the property) 

  • Try to leave everything as you found it. In particular, avoid touching entry points such as windows or door handles. There is often evidence here that may assist police with apprehending the offender/s
  • Be aware that it is the responsibility of the home owner to resecure a home after an unlawful entry. If you are a tenant you should notify them as soon as possible of the incident and any resulting damage
  • Whether you are the home owner or a tenant it is important to re-secure the home as soon as possible. We may be able to provide assistance.

Once the police have attended, contact Victims of Crime NT on 1800 672 242

  • You can make this call any time, day or night. We will ask some details of the break-in and help you to arrange a re-secure. In many cases it can be done immediately, however in some regions it may be necessary to resecure the following day
  • Please ensure that you cooperate fully with police in their investigation

We can provide up to $400 financial assistance and arrange the repairs to re-secure your home. Most commonly people use this funding to repair locks or windows.

Financial assistance can only be used to resecure – aesthetic damage and non-security items such as fly screens cannot be covered. The funding cannot be applied to insurance excess. 

This funding is intended to assist people with additional needs or vulnerability such as ill health, disability or financial hardship.

You can pay for repairs yourself (ensure you retain a copy of your invoice and receipt from an ABN registered repairer) and Victims of Crime NT will reimburse you according to the above requirements.

Please note, this is a crisis response program and claims must be made within seven business days of the incident. 

If the repairer is arranged by Victims of Crime NT, (or if the repairer you arrange is amenable, ABN registered and Victims of Crime NT has been notified) an invoice can be sent directly to Victims of Crime NT for the eligible amount.