Financial assistance to resecure a home

We can provide up to $400 financial assistance and arrange the repairs to resecure your home after a breakin. Most commonly people us this money and assistance to repair locks or windows.

If you as a homeowner arrange the repairs the amount that VOCNT can contribute will be limited to $400 less 10% or any lesser amount less 10% of that amount.

You will need to provide the “PROMIS” number that police will give you when they attend the crime scene and please ensure that you cooperate fully with police in their investigation.
If the security level is improved Victims of Crime NT can assist up to the level that it would have taken to return the dwelling to its previous level of security. Your locksmith or glazier will need to document what that cost would have been.

Financial assistance can only be used to resecure (ie aesthetic damage and non-security items such as fly  screens are not covered).

The intention of the funding is to assist people in diminished circumstances, such as ill health, age, or financial hardship and not covered by a rental agreement, to quickly re-secure a home following an unlawful entry. Because of this, applications for financial assistance made a substantial time after the incident may not be successful.

You can pay for repairs yourself (ensure you retain a copy of your invoice and receipt from an ABN registered repairer) and Victims of Crime NT will reimburse you according to the above requirements.

If the repairer is arranged by Victims of Crime NT, (or if the repairer you arrange is amenable, ABN registered and Victims of Crime NT has been notified) an invoice can be sent directly to Victims of Crime NT for the eligible amount.

This financial assistance is made possible by the NT Department of Attourney General and Justice.

Other support and information

A break-in can be very disruptive for individuals or families. Every situation is different and can present a range of challenges for you to work through.

Emotional distress, fear, victim’s rights, legal questions, restitution if the offenders are caught, improving your home security, and so on.  


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We are on your side and we care about what has happened to you.